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Date: Feb 14 2008, 03:17pm
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Serendipity karma voting plugin images - Misc. Pack 1

Miscellaneous images for version 2.0 of serendipity_event_karma plugin. Preview the images here.

Unzip these files to your serendipity plugins folder. The zipfile contains the proper path information to the plugin's image folder. Once unzipped, simply return to the karma plugin configuration page to select the image you wish to use.
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06/12/2016 03:39PM
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06/05/2016 11:43AM
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05/23/2016 02:38PM
*Agreed! Amazing, we still use this same theme today on our newsletters blog. Still going strong after all these y [...]
04/13/2016 04:57AM
*Don, that looks really cool! Great! Best regards, Kla us
02/23/2016 08:48PM
*Hello there. I absolutely love this one. Not up to date, but definitely modern in a way! B eautiful.
01/20/2016 09:33AM
*I love this theme, I actually used this theme in one of my s ites. Its an oldie but a goodi e.
01/05/2016 02:24AM
*Agree, I love this theme! V ielen Dank! Johan


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