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10/02/2012 03:55AM
*HI Don, thanks, its working n ow...some small issues left, b ut as already said...i have to appologize for my spont [...]
Don Chambers about Kinetic version 1.2 released
10/01/2012 09:30AM
*Simion - I replied to you via email, and will also respond t o your posts on the support fo rum.
10/01/2012 04:51AM
*Hallo, ich habe vorige Woche Kinetic gekauft. Leider habe i ch einen download-Link zur Ver sion 1.1 bekommen, meine [...]
Don Chambers about Kinetic version 1.2 released
12/06/2010 09:08AM
*Reinhard - the update was emai led to all who had previously purchased the template. Conta ct me via email if you d [...]
12/05/2010 02:36PM
*Hi Don, where ist the link fo r the update? cannot find it under http://www.optional-nece ssity.com/support/ [...]


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