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04/13/2016 04:57AM
*Don, that looks really cool! Great! Best regards, Kla us
02/23/2016 08:48PM
*Hello there. I absolutely love this one. Not up to date, but definitely modern in a way! B eautiful.
01/20/2016 09:33AM
*I love this theme, I actually used this theme in one of my s ites. Its an oldie but a goodi e.
01/05/2016 02:24AM
*Agree, I love this theme! V ielen Dank! Johan
04/10/2015 05:37AM
*nice article thanks for sharin g.
04/05/2015 11:36AM
*This is one of the most unique blog formats I have ever seen ! I love that the page is so uncluttered. I don't kn [...]
02/09/2015 02:49PM
*I posted on the s9y forum that this technique works equally well for plugin_comment.tpl. I posted the code exampl [...]


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