Configuration: Settings for all frontpage content boxes

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Configuration: Settings for all frontpage content boxes

Postby Don Chambers » Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:29 pm

This tutorial will discuss the Settings for all front page content boxes. As with all template options, enter the serendipity admin panel and select "Manage Styles" in the left sidebar. Options are numbered below for tutorial clarity, but are not actually numbered in the Theme/Style options page.

Catetgories should be configured prior to proceeding with this portion of the Kinetic configuration. While Kinetic can be used as a simple blog-formatted template, its real power comes in organizing front page content by category.

Each of the three content box types - tabbed, full width, and half width - have substantially identical configuration parameters. The sole difference is tabbed content, which does not include an option to show/hide the category title as the tab itself is the title.

content-box-1.png (13.55 KiB) Viewed 7143 times

1) Category to retrieve [select]
Select the category to display in the content box from the drop down list.

2) Show Category title. [yes/no]
Display category title at top of content box (not applicable to tabbed content).

3) Number of truncated entries to display in box. [input]
Quantity of truncated entries to display within content box.

4) Number of title only entries to display in box. [input]
Quantity of title only (headlines) to display in box.

truncated vs title only entries
truncated-titleonly-1.png (91.19 KiB) Viewed 7140 times

For more information regarding General content box configuration, see also:

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