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Kinetic as a magazine template

Postby Don Chambers » Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:51 pm

Kinetic can display content with less emphasis on categories, and more focus on the content. This is what I will call a "magazine" format, and Kinetic can do this easily by making a few simple changes to its configuration options.

Built in blue colorset configured for "magazine" output.
kinetic-sc-mag-blue-640.jpg (199.47 KiB) Viewed 9401 times

A slightly larger version of the above screenshot can be seen here.

Key aspects of this screenshot, and the configuration options that make this look different from the default demo configuration:

  • Kinetic's core blue colorset is enabled.
  • Tabbed content pane is not being utilized.
  • Meta information, such as author name, publish dates, comment count etc, has all been disabled.
  • Category name typically displayed at the top of each box has been disabled.
  • Link to all entries in the category disabled.
  • All entries are being fetched from a single category, but not required to achieve the effect.
  • One full width content box fetching a single, truncated entry and no "title-only" entries.
  • Four half-width content boxes, each fetching a single truncated entry and no "title-only" entries.
  • All images are maximum width available - 608px for the full width box, and 285px for half width content boxes.

These configuration options are just a matter of personal choice. Since these are merely options that can easily be enabled, or disabled, you can try any combination of options to achieve YOUR desired look. The most notable difference between a "magazine look" and a "news look", to me, is the lack of category titles for each box, the lack of "title-only" entries, a single entry per box, and minimal meta information for each entry. Kinetic allows you to configure the front page differently than any other page, so detailed information can still be presented in overview, archive, and single entry views.
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