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Postby Don Chambers » Mon Jan 05, 2009 7:08 pm

[1] I, and hopefully others, will do their best to answer your posts as soon as posible. Please be patient when asking for input.

[2] This site is focussed on providing support for anything originating from While we can answer general Serendipity questions, those questions are better posted on the Serendipity forum so other experts have the opportunity to reply, and other Serendipity users can benefit from the solutions presented. However, if you feel more comfortable posting a general s9y question here, then please feel free to do so.

[3] Do not even think about posting spam messages. All spam posts will be deleted, and the user account will be deleted. The same applies to the use of insulting or vulgar language.

[4] It is REALLY helpful if you post a link to your site when asking a question that pertains to site design. Questions or problems can be more effectively diagnosed if the issue can be experienced "live".

[5] Personal Support is readily available if your needs exceed basic questions and answers. Please contact me if your needs exceed basic Q&A.

[6] Please try to use the appropriate support forum for your discussion.

[7] I am not trying to be difficult, just trying to outline some basic rules that help us all!! 8-)

[8] Only registered users can post on this site, and only in forums allowing posting. Some forums offer limited permissions. For example, only adminstrators may post in the tutorial forums, and only those purchasers of the Kinetic template can read and post to the Kinetic template support forum
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