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Configuration: Extended Property Options

Postby Don Chambers » Sat Jan 10, 2009 1:16 pm

This tutorial will discuss the Extended Property Options for Updated Entries for Kinetic. As with all template options, enter the serendipity admin panel and select "Manage Styles" in the left sidebar. Options are numbered below for tutorial clarity, but are not actually numbered in the Theme/Style options page.

The Extended Properties for Entries plugin (serendipity_event_entryproperties) should be installed and configured prior to proceeding with this portion of the Kinetic template. The Kinetic template requires custom fields to be defined in this plugin. Custom field names can be any name you wish, but should not contain any special characters. Each field should be separated by a comma. The required and optional fields are as follows:

    SmallImage - Required. Path to small image, typically the thumbnail of the LargeImage.
    LargeImage - Required. Path to large image used for sticky entries and full width entries.
    Cutline - Optional. Caption text which appears beneath the LargeImage.

An example value for custom fields: SmallImage, LargeImage, Cutline demonstrated in the screenshot below:

extended-properties-fields-.png (14.16 KiB) Viewed 7838 times

Once the custom fields have been defined, the Extended Property Options for the template can be configured:
extended-property-options-2.png (28.81 KiB) Viewed 7794 times

1) Extended property field containing small image. [select]
Small images are used for front page half width box entries, overview page (such as categories, authors, etc) and archives. The maximum width of the image should not exceed 285px, at which point it becomes as wide as the available content area provided the template's colorset uses a 1 px border and 2 px padding around the image (default).

2) Extended property field containing large image. [select]
Large images are used for frontpage tabbed full width boxes, full width boxes and detailed page views. The template will attempt to use a small image in a detailed page view if a large image has not been specified. The maximum width of a large image should not exceed 608 pixels at which point it becomes as wide as the available content area provided the template's colorset uses a 1 px border and 2 px padding around the image (default).

3) Extended property field containing cutline text to be displayed below large image. [select]
Cutline text is a caption. This text will only appear below a large image.

4) Position of images. Default: right [left/right]
Images will be floated left, or right, of entry content in all views based on this setting.

5) Extended entry link [input]
In all views other than detailed page views, a link is provided for the balance of the entry not shown in that particular view. The template default is "Continue Reading" followed by the entry title. This default can get a bit "wordy", so the template provides the ability to shorten this to whatever you want - with, or without - including the entry title. Alternative suggestions could be Read more, Continue, Full Story.

6) Force linebreak between entry body and extended body. Recommended only when using html editor. Default: yes. [yes/no]
News/Magazine styled content is best broken into two pieces - the entry body, which contains a paragraph or two of teaser text (who, what, where, why, etc) and extended body, which contains the substance of the entry. When using a WYSIWYG editor, each of these components is written using <p>aragraph elements, which naturally provide spacing between each paragraph. The HTML editor, however, does not use paragraph elements automatically. This option, if enabled, will insert a line break between entry body and extended body to provide visual separation between the two blocks of text.

7) Prevent duplicate entries by Category if an entry belongs to more than a single category. Default: yes. [yes/no]
If enabled (recommended), an entry will only appear in the first front page news box to which it has been assigned, thereby eliminating duplicate front page content if an entry has been assigned to more than a single category.

8) Strip HTML tags from truncated entries to prevent possible unclosed HTML tags. Default: yes. [yes/no]
All front page news boxes provide the ability to truncate the entry body after a user-provided character count. Stripping all html, such as <b>, <i>, <em>, etc will prevent the possibility of these elements remaining unclosed (ie </b> when an entry has been truncated. This option only affects the front page news boxes.

9) Front page content order. T=Tabbed, F=Full width, H=Half width. Default: T-F-H (Tabbed-Full width-Half width [select]
The three content boxes, tabbed full width and half width, can be presented in any order. Select from the six available choices:

    T-F-H: Tabbed - Full width - Half width
    T-H-F: Tabbed - Half width- Full width
    F-T-H: Full width - Tabbed - Half width
    F-H-T: Full width - Half width - Tabbed
    H-T-F: Half width - Tabbed - Full width
    H-F-T: Half width - Full width - Tabbed

10) Sidebar content order. D=Double wide, T=Tabbed, LR=Left Right. Default: D-T-LR (Double wide-Tabbed-Left Right) [select]
The available sidebar types, double, tabbed and left/right, can also be presented in any order. Select from the six available choices:

    D-T-LR: Double - Tabbed - Left Right
    D-LR-T: Double - Left Right - Tabbed
    T-D-LR: Tabbed - Double - Left Right
    T-LR-D: Tabbed - Left Right - Double
    LR-D-T: Left Right - Double - Tabbed
    LR-T-D: Left Right - Tabbed - Double
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